• Greg Lewis

When Is the Open Enrollment Period for Individual Health Insurance?

Each year the Open Enrollment (OEP) timeframe is Nov 1 – Dec 15. The individual plans offered at this time typically have no preexisting condition clauses, no waiting periods, and unlimited maximum benefits. During this OEP almost anyone under the age of 65 can select an individual health insurance plan, with no medical questions asked, that would have a start date of January 1st of the following year. This is also a time that people can go onto the health Insurance Marketplace to obtain a subsidy to offset their premiums for the upcoming year.

There is also a “Special Enrollment Period” (SEP) in 2021 which runs from February 15 through August 15th. During this period individuals can go onto the Marketplace to set up an account and apply for coverage. Normally under an SEP someone would need to have a qualifying event to sign up for medical coverage. Under this Special Enrollment Period no proof of a qualifying event is required. This SEP falls under the new American Rescue Plan that became effective March 11th, 2021. For more information on the American Rescue Plan and other helpful links visit the Resources section of our website.